Best Low EMF Infrared Saunas 2020

From reducing muscle pain to improving coronary health, the use of an infrared sauna on a regular basis has important health benefits and can greatly improve your quality of life.

But have you been concerned about the electromagnetic fields emitted from infrared saunas and are looking for an infrared sauna with a low EMF rating?

Luckily, with the recent increase in manufacture of low EMF saunas, you can better enjoy the benefits without having to worry about any possible negative impacts.

We have done the hard work for you and have found the 5 top-rated low EMF infrared saunas available in the market today.

The 5 Best Low EMF Infrared Saunas we’ll be reviewing are:

  1. JNH Lifestyles 2 Person NO EMF Infrared Sauna Limited
  2. JNH Lifestyles 1 Person NO EMF Infrared Sauna Limited
  3. Durherm Low EMF and Negative Ion Portable Infrared Sauna
  4. Dynamic Saunas Florence Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna
  5. Radiant Saunas Harmony Deluxe Oversized Portable Infrared Sauna

 What Is EMF?

Before we get into the specific models let’s talk about what EMF is and the potential benefits of having a low EMF infrared sauna. EMF stands for electromagnetic fields which are waves of magnetic and electric energy radiating through space. For some people, having a sauna with a low EMF output is critical and over the past 25 years hundreds of scientific studies have been conducted on the potential health hazards of EMFs throughout the world.

But don’t confuse EMF with infrared. Infrared heat is safe and similar to that produced by the sun, even babies in hospitals are warmed using infrared heat. EMFs come from anything which produces, carries or is powered by electricity, so it is everywhere in our home and office. Our TVs, computers, keyboards, microwaves, hair dryers and mobile phones all emit EMFs. They are measured in units called milligauss (mG) and often drop off dramatically within about 3 feet of the source.

No infrared sauna is capable of offering zero EMF throughout the entire sauna, however, the best infrared saunas aim to achieve an EMF rating of less than 10 mG. Putting this into perspective, the typical hairdryer emits 60 to 20,000 mG within 4 inches of proximity, a typical vacuum cleaner around 300 mG within 6 inches and a typical microwave emits around 200 mG within 6 inches.

Currently, the scientific evidence does not yet show whether EMF exposures are hazardous and better information is needed. There have been no Federal limits for worker exposures to EMFs established or recommended in the US. The World Health Organization recommends reducing the individual’s exposure times to EMFs where possible. The National Health and Medical Research Council previously issued Interim guidelines on limits of exposure to 50/60 Hz electric and magnetic fields. They recommended that the magnetic field exposure limit for members of the public (24-hour exposure) is 1,000 mG, and for occupational exposure (a whole working day) is 5,000 mG.

Advantages of a Low EMF Infrared Sauna:

Low EMF infrared saunas are designed to release minimal EMFs. They are generally safe for frequent use. Aside from releasing minimal EMF levels, there are several other great reasons to choose low EMF saunas.

Health Benefits:

Similar to other infrared saunas, they improve your overall health. They help to detoxify your body by eliminating toxins through your sweat. They assist with relaxing fatigued muscles in nearly all areas of the body. Rejuvenation of the skin is initiated by enhancing the blood flow and increasing the production of collagen.


Low EMF infrared saunas can be used for a very long time with proper maintenance. Since it is capable of releasing heat evenly, it won’t be easily damaged, saving you time and money.

Comfortable Heat:

Infrared saunas operates at lower temperatures compared to other types of saunas. They give off just enough heat that stimulates the many health benefits described above. This makes your sauna experience much more relaxing.

Energy Efficient:

Because they operate at lower temperatures, infrared saunas don’t consume a lot of energy. Some low EMF units are three times cheaper to use.

Disadvantages of a Low EMF infrared Sauna:

Low EMF portable and home infrared saunas are generally safe for regular use. But as with other products, you must strictly follow the recommended guidelines. Experts say that with infrared saunas, stronger magnetic field exposure occur when the user is within a close proximity to the far infrared elements and electronics. This can be avoided by sitting as far away as possible from the infrared elements and electronics and by following the recommended length of stay inside the sauna.

So What Is the Best Low EMF Infrared Sauna?

So do you want a portable, home or outdoor infrared sauna and what is your budget?

Below we have detailed the best Low EMF infrared saunas currently on the market.

As you know, models come and go and we do our best to keep all the information up to date. Thankfully, the best infrared saunas stay on the market year after year, with minimal improvements.



JNH Lifestyles 2 Person NO EMF Infrared Sauna Limited:

2 person/ No EMF/ Far Infrared

A chic looking sauna equipped with top-quality carbon far infrared heaters perfect for heating your back, sides, and calf area. It’s the only no EMF heater assessed and approved by Edison’s testing Laboratories (ETL). It has also gained Intertek’s approval for its use of a double layer of Canadian hemlock wood.


  • The only zero EMF heater assessed and approved by ETL
  • Makes use of 7 commercial grade carbon fiber far infrared heaters
  • Has double layer of Canadian hemlock wood
  • Free from chemicals, hence safe to use
  • With AUX control, volume rocker and 2 speakers
  • Its digital control panel makes temperature and time adjustments very easy

Pros and Cons:

This JNH Lifestyles 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna is well designed using high-quality Canadian Hemlock timber. It has 7 carbon infrared heaters that will perfectly address the problems on your back, sides, and calf area. This sauna gives off heat evenly. It is very spacious and may fit two people comfortably.

It’s very easy to use because of its built-in digital control panel. Time and temperature adjustments are made easy.

However, delivery of this item will require additional arrangements with a third party provider. It has to be sent curbside and even though installation does not require special tools, you may still need help to put it up.

As per reviews, the wood and construction quality should have been better for its price. The wood is rough in some areas and needs sanding. Also, you cannot use just any kind of bulb. You have to get the same brand of bulbs that came from the manufacturer for it to work.


JNH Lifestyle 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna is a good product to buy because of its look and effectiveness in providing quality heat.


JNH Lifestyles 1 Person NO EMF Infrared Sauna Limited:

1 person/ No EMF/ Far Infrared

This stylish sauna made from high-quality Canadian hemlock wood is the same as the JNH Lifestyles 2 person NO EMF infrared sauna reviewed above. It’s perfect for relaxation and if you are in need of some alone time. It’s very effective in soothing muscle pains, especially targeting your back, sides, and calf areas. It’s very safe to use as it is free from chemicals. This works well even for first-timers because it is easy to operate using its advanced digital control panel.


  • Has 6 commercial grade carbon fiber far infrared heaters
  • Zero EMF heater approved by Intertek
  • Made from a double layer of 100% Canadian hemlock T&G solid timber
  • Easy to operate control panel
  • Easy installation; does not require any tools

Pros and Cons:

This JNH Lifestyles 1 Person NO EMF Infrared Sauna is beautifully designed using top-quality Canadian Hemlock wood. It’ll surely match any home theme or decoration. This is perfect for people who would want to relax and detox alone. Its 6 infrared heaters will soothe muscle pains in your back, legs, and calf areas.

As compared to other JNH products, this one weighs less. Installation is easy but a little help from a friend won’t hurt too. You can easily adjust temperatures and time using the digital control panel. There’s no need to be concerned about any chemicals in the materials used in this product.

However, delivery may cause you a little trouble. Because of its size, you may require help from a third party provider. Also, it is quite hard to purchase its accessories like the bulb. A lot of bulbs, even those that are being sold in Amazon, will not work in it.

The door may not seal as well as it should. Some customers were forced to put some weatherstrips around the door frame to avoid the cold air from coming it.


JNH Lifestyles 1 Person NO EMF Infrared Sauna is a perfect addition to any home for detoxification and relaxation. This sauna gives you a more comfortable experience as you’ll be using it alone.


Durherm Low EMF and Negative Ion Portable Infrared Sauna:

1 person/ Low EMF/ Far Infrared

This low EMF infrared sauna from Durherm is one of the most portable saunas available in the market today. It’s very comfortable to use and can be moved easily from one place to another. It comes with a foldable chair and heated footpad so you can comfortably enjoy detoxification while reading your favorite book.


  • Low EMF, which is approximately 200-600 times lower as compared to other FIR carbon heating panels
  • Has 3 heaters that are Japan made Tourmaline panels
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Comes with a foldable chair and heated footpad

Pros and Cons:

If you are looking for a portable infrared sauna that you can use anywhere at home, you might want to consider this product from Durherm. It makes use of very low EMF, which is 200-600 times lower than other saunas. It’s foldable, hence can be moved from one place to another. Its design will allow you to extend your head and hands so you can read or watch TV while detoxifying. It comes with a foldable chair and a heated footpad to make the experience much more comfortable. It’s relatively affordable compared to other wooden saunas.

However, its durability is questionable. Some customers commented that the product had stopped working within just a few months of purchase. Other issues are that the stitching and zipper can easily damage. It could possibly have a faulty electrical panel, which makes its safety questionable. The size of this sauna makes it difficult to fit tall people.


This Durherm Low EMF and Negative Ion Portable Infrared Sauna is a good buy if you’re on a tight budget and would use the sauna occasionally.


Dynamic Saunas Florence Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna:

1 person/ Low EMF/ Far Infrared

This sauna makes use of 8, low EMF heating panels perfect for easing pain in sore muscles or joints. It also has therapy lights that possess different frequencies of vibration. Each one is related to various physical symptoms. These therapy lights help you achieve a well-balanced body.


  • Made beautifully using natural reforested Canadian Hemlock woods
  • Makes use of 8 low EMF far Infrared carbon heating panels and chromotherapy
  • With MP3, Bluetooth, and speakers
  • Can accommodate 3 persons
  • With interior & exterior LED control panels

Pros and Cons:

This is by far the healthiest low EMF infrared sauna available in the market today. Aside from the low EMF carbon heating panels, this one is equipped with additional therapy lights, which can help balance your body and address specific physical symptoms.

It is made from high-quality Canadian hemlock wood materials accentuated with tempered glass doors and full-length windows on the sides. It is very easy to install. You can put it up with a little help in as fast 1 hour. Its carbon panels heat up faster, saving more energy. Unlike other fabric and foldable saunas, this can accommodate an individual that is well over 6 feet tall.

However, this sauna is quite expensive. Bringing it up or down the stairs would also be a problem because it is quite heavy.


If you’re looking for a sauna that can offer you a lot of therapeutic benefits, this is a must buy!

For a more in depth review of Dynamic Saunas go HERE:

Radiant Saunas Harmony Deluxe Oversized Portable Infrared Sauna:

1 person/ Low EMF/ Far Infrared

This Radiant sauna can help boost your body’s circulation for a very affordable price. The infrared waves can penetrate deep into your body, giving enough soothing effects for muscle and joint pains and tension. This can fit a person with an average weight of 220 pounds.


  • Portable and affordable
  • Equipped with sanitary clean air ionizer
  • With hardwood dowel frame support and high-quality compartment zippers
  • Easy to use controller with 6 automatic timers
  • Makes use of 4 ETL approved, low EMF carbon infrared panels

Pros and Cons:

This portable sauna is very safe to use. Its auto shut off safety feature gives you a better detoxification experience. It’s very portable. You can take this with you during travels. Four low EMF carbon fiber infrared heater panels are perfect for any muscle pain and to promote weight loss. The temperature can be adjusted easily up to a maximum of 150F.

It comes with great accessories like soft neck collars, portable chair, floor mat, and a heated foot pad. It has 6 timer options and 5 levels of pre-set temperatures.

However, users have noticed a strong smell of plastic, hence its safety becomes questionable. The product does not heat very well too.


This product is good if you are in need of a portable sauna while travelling. However, if you want to gain maximum health benefits for long-term use, this is not recommended.


So What’s The Best Low EMF Infrared Sauna?

Given that people have differing needs, there is no single best low EMF infrared sauna for everyone. They key is being clear about what your own needs are. Do you want a 1 person or 3 person sauna? Or is portability more important to you?

If you want an infrared sauna for regular use, go for the products that are made from Canadian hemlock woods. These are sturdy and will last for a long period of time.

If budget and portability are your concern, choose those that are foldable and made from polyester fabrics.

For those who needs sauna for health reasons, Dynamic Saunas Florence Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna is highly recommended because of its therapy lights.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of top quality low EMF saunas that you can choose from. Low EMF sauna is an excellent alternative to traditional steam saunas.

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We hope that this has brought some clarity in your search for the best low EMF infrared sauna.

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Infrared Sauna World or its staff.